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DIAMOND BRIDGES curated and hosted by Irene Diamond, is a show featuring talk, education, and entertainment in a home setting with guests of different generations; contrasting their stories and applications, their talents, industries or identities, building generational bridges and emanating leadership. 

Now is the time for people of all generations to wake up to their true sense of purpose, open channels to their freedom, and build bridges between a disjointed collective. As the host and curator of Diamond Bridges, Irene Diamond intends to facilitate dialogue that inspires the change our world craves through the restoration of people's faith. Energized by each guest's clear sense of purpose, as a Talent Paramedic, Irene helps people access parts of themselves that are suppressed or socially conditioned to reject and empowers them to claim authentic expression and freedom. From an empowered place, the guests are invited to share how they will utilize their successes to bring more truth and kindheartedness to the world. With an intention to demonstrate how talent development facilitates a person's sense of purpose and dedication to progress, some of the guests are also invited to exhibit their own unique talent. The show is a platform for people from varying generations to build bridges with strong foundations rooted in kindness, mindfulness, and understanding.


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