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Passionate about inspiring others, committed to the belief that any child or adult can learn to play piano, Irene Diamond customizes her students’ music study to align with their goals and desires.  A tour de force in piano pedagogy and performance herself, Irene provides a comprehensive musical education drawing from the Japanese Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki’s philosophy that ability is acquired in the same natural way that the student’s mother tongue is acquired – through listening.  Having no entrance or audition requirements, Irene accepts children as young as age four, believing that when they are surrounded by varied selections from the vast repertoire of classical, Broadway, pop, rock, and jazz, students will respond by making beautiful music. 

Irene Diamond is also a voice teacher and coach.  An actor, pop singer and songwriter, Irene Diamond trains aspiring artists and actors to find their own voice and song repertoire.  Founder of Diamond Pop Music LLC, her productions include several song recordings and furthermore, a commission to create a music video.  She has four adult children of her own, Millennials who are all actively pursuing their creative goals and collaborations.  Her mother was also a piano teacher, and both of them lifetime members of the music fraternity, Delta Omicron.

Mentored by a piano professor from the School Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi at Alverno College, a competence-based college for professional women in Wisconsin, spirituality and respect for all humankind and creation are embedded in her teaching.  Irene Diamond has taught individuals and groups her early career beginning in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, New York while concurrently teaching at the Saint Ann’s School and the Park Slope Conservatory of Music.  As Founder of the Ridgefield Conservatory of Music, and later Director of the Jewish Community Center Music School, in Stamford, Connecticut, Irene Diamond implemented core music groups including a teen jazz ensemble and a children’s chorus.  She incorporated teachers in a variety of instruments, some newly immigrated, to which she taught concepts of American psychology.  In all these settings, Irene Diamond developed her original concepts of group dynamics, liaison sometimes simply between parent and child.  She remains devoted to the future development of mind, heart, beauty, and soul. 

Suzuki instruction for the very young especially is a collaboration between parent, child, and teacher.  Enrollment is dependent on the parents’ full understanding of their responsibilities and commitments in this form of musical education which includes attending the lessons and practicing with the young child at home. 

Irene Diamond holds Bachelors and Masters of Music degrees in Piano Pedagogy & Performance.  She attended the Aspen Music School where she learned and competed with concert artists, receiving numerous awards for piano performance.  While at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, she taught in the College Proficiency and Preparatory divisions.  For her Piano Pedagogy degree thesis, Irene Diamond developed Small Group Dynamism, a tutoring concept designed to encourage those who are seeking to be more productive, happy, or fulfilled.  Utilizing experts and senior citizens, the service was initially inspired by the volunteer spirit which is still very much alive in the USA.   

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